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Details Determine Kitchen Level

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Kitchen is a place to live, acting as important roles of cooking, washing and storage. In the transformation and design of the kitchen, the owners and designers will make the design and modification to adapt to life. Never let the reconstruction and design changes life instead. The beauty and essential of the design is in the details. Kitchen is world of the ground, walls, appliances and cabinets. Every detail will cause people's attention. While every corner and region of the kitchen will be especially warm because of designers’ detail reconstruction.

Check your kitchen’s details:
?Did you confirm the position of gas stove, sink and refrigerator first? And then locates the common equipment according to owners’ habit of cooking process.
?Are all the sockets in correct positions? Is the threshold high enough?
?Is space transformation ingenious? Each kitchen space in the construction will have a firewall or basic structure of the top beam. For kitchen wall renovation, we must consider the structure of the existing situation to make the best use of current advantages. 
?Does the design meet the modern trends? Is surface smooth and bright without scratches and sharp points?
?Does the cabinet height convenient to users which should be easy to take goods and save operation time? On this point, we have to say, good kitchen pull out baskets or some wire shelf will be greatly helpful to users.
Four points we should pay more attention to on reform and design of kitchen.
Detail 1: Take precise measurement of your kitchen. Usually in the kitchen decoration, the kitchen cabinet manufacturers have to measure not only the size, but also have a look at all the original pipelines
Detail 2: Two-say water supply but only upward routine can be changed. We should remain space for socket for microwave oven, exhaust fan, etc.
Detail 3: Transformation of gas pipeline should be done by professional company. Gas and natural gas pipeline is limited by structure of the housing so generally it doesn’t allow change. 
Detail 4: Lots of corner space is always wasted. If we can well use pull out baskets, wire shelf to make the best of the corner part, it will greatly upgrades the life experience of the cooking.

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